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Jason Forrest

Breakcore/IDM/experimental artist Jason Forrest began his career recording beneath the alias Donna Summer, not merely to confuse individuals who enjoy hearing the disco diva using the same name, but additionally (based on an interview in CBC Radio) for “subjecting visitors to a artificial problem of diversity.” In any case, his frantic and extremely original productions generally came out by himself Cock Rock and roll Disco imprint; nevertheless, so far he provides released his most significant functions, The Unrelenting Music from the 1979 Post Disco Crash and Shamelessly Interesting, over the Sonig imprint. He relocated to digital music mecca Berlin, where he produced an organization (fitting entitled the Jason Forrest Music group) with regard to shows. In 2008, he co-founded Nightshifters, an MP3 label centered on dancefloor productions. 3 years afterwards, he released another record, The Everything, through Berlin’s Staatsakt.

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