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Once the UK band Gaye Bykers About Acid folded, frontman Mary Mary (previously referred to as Mary Millington, although his true name is Ian Garfield Hoxley) began carrying out a different musical route, dealing with the experimental industrial collective Pigface, just before forming Hyperhead having a long-time friend, American bass player Karl Leiker. Pigface co-workers Martin Atkins (drums, ex-PiL; Getting rid of Joke) and guitarist William Tucker (MY ENTIRE LIFE With The Excitement Get rid of Kult; Revolting Cocks), alongside guitarist Paul Dalloway, added to Metaphasia, showcasing an unstable hybrid design that drew from hard rock and roll, spirit, funk, indie pop and commercial for a varied and interesting recording. Mary, Leiker and Dalloway put together a touring music group with guitarist Oscar, drummer Chin and percussionist Keith, which line-up documented the Terminal Dread EP, that actually preceded Metaphasia’s launch. Hyperhead established a fantastic live status, boosted by Keith’s occasionally crazed behavior on stage, increasing the music group’s unpredictable air flow. Mary continued to utilize dance music clothing Apollo 440.

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