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Geraldo Pereira

Geraldo Pereira is among the most significant samba composers ever. A few of his biggest strikes are “Falsa Baiana,” that was documented by a variety of interpreters, “Sem Compromisso,” “Bolinha de Papel,” “Escurinha,” “Pisei Num Despacho,” “Escurinho,” “Já Tenho Outra Em Seu Lugar,” and “Acertei No Milhar” (with Wilson Batista, documented by Moreira da Silva in 1940). Praised by João Gilberto, who documented his “Bolinha de Papel,” “Sem Compromisso,” and “Falsa Baiana,” he was recognized by him (and many more) as a genuine innovator from the ’40s. Pereira was also documented by Cyro Monteiro (his most continuous interpreter; amongst others, he released “Falsa Baiana” and “Escurinho”), Aracy de Almeida (“Falta de Sorte,” by Geraldo/Marino Pinto), Isaura Garcia (“Pode Ser,” with Marino Pinto), Anjos perform Inferno (“Bolinha de Papel”), Chico Buarque (“Sem Compromisso”), Gal Costa (“Falsa Baiana”), Blecaute (“Que Samba Bom”), Jards Macalé (“Ministério da Economia” and “Cabritada Mal Sucedida”), Roberto Silva (“Você Está Sumindo” and “Pisei Num Despacho”), Paulinho da Viola (“Você Está Sumindo”), Zizi Possi (“Escurinho” and “Escurinha”), João Nogueira, Elton Medeiros, Monarco, Jackson perform Pandeiro, Odete Amaral, Quatro Ases e um Curinga, amongst others. Pereira found Rio in 1930 and, in his teenagers, was already composing sambas for the samba college Unidos da Mangueira.Throughout his life, he produced his living being a garbage truck driver. In 1939, Roberto Paiva documented “Se Você Sair Chorando” (with Nelson Teixeira). In 1944, he participated within the film Berlim na Batucada (Luís de Barros). His initial strike was with “Falsa Baiana,” documented by Ciro Monteiro in 1944. “Bolinha de Papel” was documented in 1945 with the Anjos perform Inferno, also with tremendous achievement. In 1945, Pereira documented two of his compositions being a vocalist, but because the record didn’t sell, he made a decision to remain just like a composer. In 1949, Blecaute documented “Que Samba Bom,” also a best-seller. In 1950, Pereira documented “Pedro perform Pedregulho” as an interpreter, releasing several even more of his compositions after that. In 1951, Deo documented “Cego de Amor” (Geraldo/Wilson Batista). In 1952, he participated within the film O Rei perform Samba (Luís de Barros). His loss of life is encircled by folklore. He’d have been wiped out by the well-known personality the malandro Madame Satã with an individual stroke.

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