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Regional do Canhoto

The Regional perform Canhoto were formed in 1950 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, by Canhoto (born as Waldiro Frederico Tramontano in Rio de Janeiro, 1908). Canhoto, as his nickname attests, is usually a left-handed cavaquinho participant having a discreet, but recognizable, personal design coined after his upwards pick strokes. Regardless of having several his personal, he never documented a solo recording, but his achievement arrived through radio activity as well as the strikes documented by his local, who included violonistas (classical guitar players) Dino and Meira, flutist Altamiro Carrilho, accordionist Orlando Silveira, and pandeirista Gilson de Freitas. The group was a continuation of the task produced by the Regional de Benedito Lacerda, after Lacerda’s departure. The group started their professional actions in March 1951, associated great performers at Rádio Mayrink Veiga. Quickly authorized to Victor, the local recorded many albums that experienced great achievement, with the 1st one, “Meu Limão, Meu Limoeiro,” released overseas. Other big strikes had been the choro “Canarinho Teimoso” (Altamiro Carrilho/Ari Duarte, 1951), “Gingando” (Dino/Canhoto), the polka “Rato, Rato” (Casimiro Rocha/C. Costa, 1951), as well as the baião “Luar de Paquetá” (Freire Júnior/Hermes Fontes, 1951). The local was versatile, associated diverse styles which range from Orlando Silva to Nelson Gonçalves, from Jackson perform Pandeiro to Luiz Gonzaga, and having documented the repertory from the nationwide popular commemorations referred to as festas juninas with achievement. The Regional perform Canhoto had been the 1st local to record created scores, that have been made by Radamés Gnattali and Guio de Moraes. In 1957, Carrilho still left the local to create his Bandinha de Altamiro Carrilho, getting replaced initial by Arthur Ataíde, shortly substituted by Carlos Poyares. They continuing to try out at Rádio Mayrink Veiga before early ’60s, when the air station was shut as well as the group dissolved. Canhoto stayed an extremely requested cavaquinho participant through the ’70s, taking part in the initial record by Cartola in 1974.

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