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David John & the Mood

David John & the Feeling made two great, offbeat British Defeat R&B singles within the mid-1960s, rare as get-out nowadays, but reissued on various compilations of obscure Uk Invasion recordings. There is nothing known concerning the music group, except that these were made by Shel Talmy (the Who, the Kinks, early David Bowie, Creation, among others). David John experienced a high-pitched, fey tone of voice that led some enthusiasts to reckon that he may in fact become David Bowie, especially as Talmy created some David Bowie recordings in 1964 and 1965. They have since been founded that the vocalist is definitely not really Bowie, which David John’s actual name was Miffy Charnley. All from the David John songs are well worth hearing by connoisseurs of sub-Pretty Things-styled English R&B, using the twist of these high, giggly, nearly squirrelish vocals. These included a vicious cover of “Very Thing” with a remarkably wacked-out, rudimentary out-of-tune acoustic guitar solo, a edition of Bo Diddley’s “TAKE IT to Jerome,” an achieved “I enjoy Observe You Strut” with high-pitched whistles, along with a Charnley initial within the R&B-rock design, “To Capture That Guy.” “TAKE IT to Jerome” and “I enjoy Observe You Strut” had been included on Pebbles Vol. 6; “To Capture That Man” arrived on Damaged Dreams Vol. 2; and “Quite Thing” is certainly on (Trans-World Punk Vol. 2.

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