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Emperor X

The brainchild of cosmic lo-fi Los Angeles-based indie folk artist/high-school science teacher Chad Matheny, Emperor X began its aural assault in the past due ’90s. Matheny’s quirky mixture of surreal, offbeat lyrics and haphazard plans combined with an innate pop sensibility 1st made an appearance in solid type in 1998 using the release from the Joytakers’ Rakes/Celebrities on the Roof, Pleasantly Kneeling. Tectonic Membrane/Thin Remove with an Edgeless System found its way to 2004, accompanied by Central Hug/Friendarmy/Fractal Dunes (2005), The Blythe Archives, Vols. 1-2 (2009), and his Pub/None of them debut, Traditional western Teleport (2011). Mathany is well known for documenting one-off tunes, burying them in improbable places, and posting the Gps navigation coordinates on his site.

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