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Cupol was a short-lived alias for Cable users Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis that yielded a two-song EP (SUCH AS THIS for a long time) on 4AD in 1980. Gilbert and Lewis would later on record a complete LP on 4AD as B.C. Gilbert/G. Lewis (or Dome, which ultimately became the duo’s main moniker) entitled 3R4. Ambient dronescapes, as finished with electronics.

Quick Facts

Full Name Cupol
Music Songs Crossh, Rolling Upon My Day, Cruel When Complete, Sei La Mia Stella, Making A Meeting, Cancel Your Order, Na-Drm, Here We Go, D-D-Bo, Long Lost Life, Say Again, An-An-An-D-D-D, And Then ..., Keep It, Jasz, Ba-Dr, Airmail, Milkshake, Madmen, To Walk, To Run, Premonicion, Linasixup, Tyfhu, Dasz, Happy Together, The Red Tent 1 & 2, Gimme Your Love, Ampnoise, Roos-An, Ar-Gu, Bitter Cream, Hasta La Vista

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