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Cristofano Malvezzi

From the entire year 1551 Malvezzi lived in the town of Florence. He offered the Medici courtroom from 1562 until his loss of life. As the organist of Saint Trinita in 1562 Malvezzi afterwards acceded to the positioning of master from the chapel for the Cathedral of Florence and Saint Giovanni Battista in 1573. The last mentioned placement was, musically, one of the most honorific and essential position you can keep in Florence. Compositions had been organized in the styles of ricercares for the body organ, madrigals and just a few motets. Minimal sacred compositions was uncommon for an organist utilized using a cathedral. The ricercares are illustrative of Malvezzi’s abilities in counterpoint and these compositions utilized the usage of designs in inversions, diminutions and augmentations. Madrigals had been have scored for five voices, in two of his books, and six voices in another of his books. His most well-known works made an appearance in anthologies both before and after his loss of life. Malvezzi also constructed music for the “intermedi” in Florence to become performed between your acts of has.

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