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Casey Jones & The Engineers

b. Brian Casser, Newcastle, Britain. Elevated in Liverpool, guitarist and vocalist Casser founded the defeat group, Cass AS WELL AS THE Cassanovas, primarily to try out at the neighborhood Casanova golf club. They performed Latin-American figures and rock and roll ‘n’ move and performed in the mentioned Liverpool Stadium concert going by Gene Vincent, in-may 1960. They followed Duffy Power for any tour of Scotland, however the music group experienced they could perform better without Casser. Bass participant John Gustafson recalls, ‘The rest folks were getting progressively sick and tired of him, therefore we hatched this storyline to disband and reform without him.’ In 1961, Gustafson, Adrian Barber and Johnny Hutchinson became the best Three even though Casser moved to London and formed Casey Jones AS WELL AS THE Technicians, who recorded a Columbia Information single, ‘1 Way Solution’. The music group included Tom McGuinness on bass and, for some looks, Eric Clapton. Having a Bristol music group, he became Casey Jones AS WELL AS THE Governors and experienced a successful profession in Germany, topping their graphs with ‘Don’t Ha Ha’ in 1965.

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