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While a profession as a new player inside a country & western tempo section might trigger the proper person’s phone calling off the connect, the music activities of the Tennessee native don’t appear to have maintained his curiosity. A choice to attack nation music from another position, that of a journalist, ended up being the right move to make. Although definitely not the entry to a yellow metal mine, the entranceway resulting in this noble career is one which upon occasion are available to possess at least a little more ready cash readily available than the existence of a new player. In early photos from his profession, Bob Allen is seen expressing all of the enthusiasms of the younger participant, whether draped more than a rockabilly stand-up bass inside a prototype Elvis Presley-influenced combo, wielding a intimidating searching washtub bass having a string that appears like it could be utilized to truss up trespassers, or playing drums inside a civilized way using the countrypolitan guitarist Chet Atkins. By himself, Allen was in charge of two periods and two causing singles; in 1957, a pal Holly cover and 2 yrs a afterwards, the troubled mix of “After Surprise” and “Oh Depressed Evening” released with the Course label. As a new player, Allen was linked not merely with Atkins, with whom he performed drums, but using the rockabilly and nation duo of Alton Lott and Jimmy Harrell. Savoring their firm, he performed as an associate from the Jim-Bobs in the middle-’50s, prematurily . to profit from the afterwards public’s love of the name as some type of redneck image. He continuing playing in a number of other combos using the Lott and Harrell front side line, getting a lot of perspective on nation and early rock and roll music history along the way. Unlike many journalists authoring this form of music, Allen in fact worked as a new player at Sunlight Studios through the heyday. Because the ’60s, he continues to be as reliable being a lighthouse with regards to his regards to the Nashville nation picture, turning out a blast of liner records, articles, and complete length biographies aswell as editing, acquiring photographs, and making the unusual reissue occasionally. Allen is carefully from the Nashville workplace of Billboard newspaper. He is a scribe on he topics of easy hearing and vocal music, but nation is his genuine forte and his allegiance can be hardcore mainstream, including at least a six Johnny Money liner records and a biography of George Jones. That’s not to state he wasn’t privately from the outlaws: in the middle-’70s, he was an early on and vocal supporter from the rowdy David Allan Coe, and is among the hardly any journalists who are able to claim to possess written liner records for an recording with “rhinestone” in the name.

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