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K.C. Bowman’s skewed artwork pop begs evaluations to XTC, early Speaking Minds, R. Stevie Moore, Martin Newell, Beck, and various other hermetic talents, however the D.We.Y. one-man music group comes with an eclectic, spirited undertake the annals of pop music — apparently encompassing from ABBA to Captain Beefheart — which makes his music refreshingly exclusive. Developing up in suburban Davis, CA — where in the 3rd quality he sat following to fellow potential indie rocker Shalini Chatterjee — Kevin Charles Bowman trained himself to try out piano by hearing at a age group. His parents motivated his musical pursuits by spending money on piano and acoustic guitar lessons and purchasing the budding multi-instrumentalist a utilized drum arranged at age 13. The most common rounds of teenage garage area bands then adopted, culminating inside a long-running ska-punk-pop take action known as Lawsuit. As Lawsuit performed live round the Davis and Sacramento region, Bowman started creating a parallel single career, producing one-man music group recordings in his house studio room, which he dubbed Timber Trout Studios. Beginning in 1992, Bowman started producing recordings with users of Lawsuit, several other musician pals and by himself, without particular plans for just about any of these. In 1995, Bowman gathered 19 of the homemade recordings, offered the complete loose collective the influenced name the Preoccupied Pipers and released A Cooperative Sound Magazine, Quantity 3, #1 1, Summer time 1995. A get bag that in some way manages to hold collectively despite its complicated origins, the recording can be an eclectic pleasure. In 1996, Bowman achieved it one better using the likewise retrospective double disk set Ubiquitous Light Twin Pack. The 40 songs include single demos of Lawsuit tunes, music group recordings, and even more musical miscellany. As Lawsuit split up, Bowman started focus on his first genuine single album, documenting all the musical instruments and vocals himself. Instead of the essentially arbitrary nature from the Preoccupied Pipers albums, that have been mainly clearinghouses for outdated tapes, 1998’s Fresher Tin Villages was documented as an effective album. As though to exemplify that solidity, the initial five or six brief tracks mix into one another nearly imperceptibly, creating the result of one prolonged multi-part track. Bowman started performing single concerts following the launch of Fresher Tin Villages, sometimes supported by like-minded close friends but more regularly playing by himself. After several unsettled many years of sporadic documenting within the process of shifting Timber Trout Studios to a long term area, Bowman finally started focusing on his second single recording in earnest in early 2001.

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