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Blood Sausage

The excruciatingly titled UK group Bloodstream Sausage comprised Dale Shaw (vocals, guitar), A.J.W. Bourton (acoustic guitar, bass, flute, keyboards), Owen Thomas (acoustic guitar, percussion), Jo Johnson (bass, drums) and Niki Elliot (drums). Authorized to Wiiija Information, the group gained its reputation assisting Cornershop on times throughout 1993. Each member, nevertheless, had additional passions outside Bloodstream Sausage. Shaw drew his personal comic, Dipper, Bourton and Thomas performed in browse instrumental music group Cee Bee Beaumont (who released information on Hangman, the record label work by Billy Childish), and Johnson and Elliot had been both users of Huggy Carry. The quintet documented their debut 10-in . album in Toe Rag Studios in the East End of London using initial 50s and 60s saving and mixing products, recording 15 songs in only two times. It implemented the group’s debut EP, Coming in contact with You WITH TECHNIQUES That Don’t FEEL SAFE, which was One FROM THE Week in the brand new Musical Express. The music group continuing its exploration of questionable issues on the album with music such as for example ‘Fucking A Junkie WITH OUT A Condom’ and ‘Costs Joel’, a jibe at Dale’s previous hero, and also a deranged and lyrically ‘improved’ edition of ‘Possess Like Will Travel’, with Elliot on vocals.

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