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Asa-Chang & Junray

Asa-Chang And Junray is truly a trio comprising Koichi Asakura, tabla participant U-Zhaan, and Hidehiko Urayama, a programmer who eschews live performances. The trio develop an incredible and lively music that merges breathtaking futurism and time-honoured spirituality, juxtaposing virtuoso tabla playing and dissected, treated voices. Tokyo-based tabla master and program percussionist Asakura likens this music to a Möbius remove linking nostalgia with experimentalism. He apparently travels with multi-million offering J-Pop serves but says his very own near-devotional music is most effective for the greater low essential environs of cafés, galleries and, intriguingly, locks salons. Throughout a 2002 tour of their house nation, Asakura and his collaborators also played a display at a Sake brewery. On paths such as for example ‘Goo-Gung-Gung’, ‘Preach’, as well as the solitary ‘Hana’ – Japanese for ‘bloom’ and a focus on through the trio’s 2002 debut recording – Asa-Chang And Junray joyfully batter Eastern percussion, playthings, horns, outdated analogue products, strings and ‘rubbish’, right into a babel of sound that’s musically thrilling and psychologically disorientating. Issued by esoteric UK label Leaf, Jun Ray Music Chang put together Asa-Chang And Junray’s Japanese produces to date like the Tabla Magma Bongo EP (released via Cornelius’ Trattoria label) and a mini-album released on Sizzling Cha Records.

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