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Antonio Zacara da Teramo

Prior to the 1980s the identity of composer Antonio Zacara da Teramo had not been obviously established, as his functions appeared under several attributions, such as for example “Zacharie,” “Zacar,” “Zeltenpferd,” “Zachara,” “Zacchara,” yet others. Papers recovered since that time demonstrate that some 33 early fifteenth hundred years musical functions so-labeled were most likely the work of 1 guy, Antonio Zacara da Teramo, a Central Italian scribe and composer who offered in the papal courtroom in Rome between 1390 and 1408. We initial listen to of Teramo within a 1390 contract engaging him to instruct music in Rome. By 1391 Teramo is normally shown as performing in the papal chapel, and would stay in this capability until at least 1407. There’s a small of Teramo in the Squarcialupi Codex, which portrays his uncommon deformity — entirely he had just ten fingertips and toes. However the insufficient ten fingers didn’t prevent Teramo from getting seen as a “popular scribe and miniaturist” in his day time. By 1412 Teramo got deserted Pope Gregory XII and was offering in the Bologna-based courtroom from the antipope John XXIII. Teramo’s existence is last recorded there on, may 20, 1413. Legal papers made by his relationships in 1416 explain Teramo as currently dead and evidently rather rich — despite his defection, he possessed comprehensive tracts of property in the province of Teramo and a residence in Rome. The functions of Teramo are located generally in the Squarcialupi and Mancini codices, numerous pieces duplicated somewhere else and some compositions exclusive in other resources. He was most well-known for his Balletti, pop music written in several parts on a number of subjects, some filled with political personal references that are tough to grasp today. Being among the most well-known of these had been Rosetta che non canbi may colore and El fior gentil m’apparse. Teramo is known by several Gloria-Credo pairs that have emerged as forerunners to Renaissance practice in Latin parody mass configurations; Johannes Ciconia and Guillaume Dufay had been probably acquainted with them. Teramo’s compositions are extremely sophisticated as well as “odd” sometimes. A work like the ballata Sumite, karissimi, capud de Remulo, patres will be right in the home within the framework of Ars subtilior. But he’s as yet not known to experienced any connection with anti-papal courtroom at Avignon.

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