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The mysterious Manchester, Britain group WU LYF (pronounced “woo lifestyle,” short for World Unite! Lucifer Youngsters Base) shrouded itself with secrecy. The people passed aliases such as for example Lung and Elle Jaie, as well as the music group’s Wikipedia web page was deleted many times. Nevertheless, WU LYF’s music was unmistakable, an impassioned however eerie design they dubbed “large pop” that recalled Modest Mouse’s jittery rhythms as well as the Arcade Fire’s anthemic soar. The music group was the brainchild of vocalist/keyboardist Elle Jaie (Ellery Roberts) and bassist Lung (Tom McClung), years as a child close friends who reunited in 2006 and started making music jointly. By adding guitarist Evanse (Evans Kati) and drummer Jeau (Joe Manning), the group became WU LYF during the period of 2007 and 2008, forging a variety of rattling rock and roll and spiritual and politics iconography. The music group submitted their early recordings on the website, drawing curiosity through the U.K. music sector that they generally rebuffed. Early this year 2010, WU LYF performed a regular residency on the An Wall socket coffeehouse. The place was possessed by advertising company four23, that was founded by Warren Bramley, who became the music group’s supervisor; previously, Bramley caused Tony Wilson at Manufacturing plant Records, with Factory As well in the ‘90s. In July 2010, the music group created the Lucifer Youngsters Foundation and offered bandit masks as well as the debut solitary Concrete Platinum/Large Pop to its users. That November, WU LYF required to a deserted chapel to record their debut recording Go Tell Open fire to the Hill, that they self-released in June 2011.

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