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Willie White

There’s a healthy representation because of this name in music history, probably as much as twelve performers named Willie White turning up in assignments simply because varied simply because miscellaneous percussion, composition, and cover art. The incredibly common surname of Light picks up a minimum of five professional music artists alone in one Bethlehem, PA, family members. Most famous of the brood was Harry Light, a multi-instrumentalist whose area of expertise became trombone but who was simply also proficient over the cornet and supposedly the complete saxophone family members. Brother Willie Light apparently distributed these talents, executing with territory rings of the time as both a trumpeter in the brass section and a saxophonist among the reeds. Various other players in the family members had been pianist Eddie Light — sibling of these siblings — and two cousins, reed players Gilbert Light and Morris Light, the last mentioned doubling on piano. The family members relocated to Washington, D.C., circa 1919 and set up the Light Brothers Orchestra, an organization that obviously didn’t complete the white space of every Light datebook since both Harry Light and Willie Light were also selecting time for you to gig with famous brands the youthful Duke Ellington.

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