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Los Angeles sound collective Ultra-red was organized in 1994 by Dont Rhine and Marco Larsen, who previously teamed within the executing arts troupe bang!manifesto. Initial launching their very own ambient golf club, dubbed General public Space, the duo also released their own publication, Contact: Globe Orbit Rendezvous, which layed out their idea of ambient music because the audio culture of everyday activity. Next opting to create their very own music, Ultra-red released their debut EP Ode to Johnny Rio, released on Terre Thaemlitz’s Comatonse label; the full-length Second Character: An Electroacoustic Pastoral adopted in 1998, and 2 yrs later on the duo came back with Structural Adjustment.

Quick Facts

Full Name Ultra-red
Music Songs Movimiento III, Eclogue VII, Movimiento II, Neue Wirtschaft, Architecture Versus Housing, Mentirosos, Yo vivo aqui, La Anti-Antifona, Die rote zora, Eclogue V, Curbed Behaviors, Lewd Conduct, A20.3 Dub the United Front, A pico aliso, Structurally Sound, A17, A20.1 Bring Down the Wall, Eclogue, Pleasure Grounds, Public Address, A16, Weasel Pop, !Ya Basta!, Movement for Airports, Recordando a Chico, Ghetto Express, Good Morning, Glitter-Disc, Untitled, Nuanca, El nuevo urbanismo, Jamas Serpe, Ni Cebra Ni Mula Palidecieron Al Morir, Conducting Bodies
Albums Split Series #14, Structural Adjustments, Second Nature: An Electroacoustic Pastoral, Play Kanak Attak, Desarrollos Sostenibles (Sustainable Developments), Second Nature, ¡Amnistía!

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