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Traffic Jam

The only real claim to fame of Traffic Jam, who released one flop Uk single in 1967, is that they soon evolved in to the a lot more renowned Position Quo. Visitors Jam in fact grew from the Spectres, another pre-Status Quo group who released several obscure singles of their very own. IN-MAY 1967, the Spectres transformed their name to Visitors, which needed to be transformed to Visitors Jam in order to avoid discord using the soon-to-be-famous group called Visitors that experienced Stevie Winwood within the lineup. Visitors Jam’s sole solitary, “Almost however, not Quite There”/”Wait around one minute,” was unremarkable pop, the A-side being truly a bouncy quantity with coy (and innocuous) intimate innuendo somewhat consistent with a number of the Troggs’ even more obscure attempts from that period. The B-side was similar to the Hollies or the Bee Gees, though once again not almost as unforgettable as what those two rings were performing in 1967. In August 1967, Visitors Jam transformed their name to Position Quo, who in 1968 experienced their first strike with “Photos of Matchstick Males.” The uncommon Visitors Jam 45 continues to be reissued on many compilations of early Position Quo material.

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