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Rinky Scott Jones

The desire to possess someone called Rinky Scott Jones actually exist is understandable, especially among folks from Alabama who want to stuff another tunesmith in to the state’s already bulging hall of fame. The songwriting credit for “Alabama Blues,” the very best known in some songs released in the name of Jones, will do to quick Alabamian curiosity — although among non-Alabamians, the thought of a Rinky strolling the facial skin of the planet earth you could end up even more excitement. Alas, no Rinky. The unwieldy name was only 1 in a assortment of aliases utilized by a woman called Bertha Kapp, Bertha Davis after her relationship to Joe Davis. This is the next wife called Bertha for the second option A&R guy, record maker, and notorious conniver in issues of track posting. He, too, experienced a whole group of songwriting aliases, however, not enough to pay all the offers he had heading. Or possibly he just enjoyed inventing people, however in the situations of both Berthas he completed his strong really wants to use them as posting equipment. Bertha Kapp had been in the music business therefore these shenanigans couldn’t have already been too astonishing. Her brother Jack port Kapp was a big shot on the Decca label, which is certainly where this living power behind the Rinky Scott Jones pseudonym was functioning when she fulfilled Davis. Nearly all Kapp aliases had been male names, such as Billy Collins, Glenn Gibson, Bert Kapp, and Bert Davis, but she also released as Phoebe Snow and Adrienne Garblik. For the name “Rinky,” it really is regarded unisex. “Alabama Blues” continues to be found in at least three dozen different situations as a tune name; traditional performers in both nation blues and Chicago blues such as for example Bukka White and J.B. Lenoir possess their own variations. What ought to be categorized as the Rinky edition appeared through the ’50s being a big-band name, swinging in the advantage of R&B. Enthusiasts could find Lee Castle’s documenting from the track turning up as an early on example of both 45-rpm and EP format.

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