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Teobald (Thibaut) I, King of Navarra

Thibault gets the most significant surviving corpus of books from your north trouveres of France, and, perhaps, of any trouvere whatsoever. He made up in nearly every type known at that time including courtly and pastoral verse, crusade tunes, jeux-partis, and spiritual works. A number of the spiritual works add a lai, serventois and tunes by means of chansons towards the Virgin. As varied as his selection of configurations was, to do he differ his rhythms. Using many strophic buildings, including several almost quality decasyllabic configurations, Thibault also mixed his modal buildings but seldom exceeded the compass of the seventh, 8th or ninth. Modal buildings were generally built across the “last” but preliminary notes were seldom definately not the modal middle with equally uncommon beginnings in the modal middle itself.

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