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Techno Bass Staff were among the pioneers of bass music, pitting mega-low bass against ambient soundscapes. Their albums, from 1993’s Bass Machine towards the 1999 compilation Greatest of Techno Bass Staff, were variations upon this basic formula.

Quick Facts

Full Name Techno Bass Crew
Music Songs Galaxy of Bass, Bass Control, Bass Machine, Subsonic Love, The 12th of Never, Unfortunate Conception, Sizing the Bass, Love Theme From Bass Machine, Bass Fantasy, Kid Kill, Bass Nation At War, Bass Experience, Bass Units, Lo-Tek Impact, Reggae Bass, White Coat, Subsonic Bass - We Got It, The Age of Machines, Cosmic Lullaby, Ultraviolet High, Until We Boom Again, Now Is the Time for Bass, Gods of Radio, In the Beginning... There Was Techno Bass, Computer Language, Technobass the New Style, The Killer, Damaging Bass, Love Theme II - Love Revisited, Why?, Base Musik, Brain Death
Albums Industrial Bass, The Best of Techno Bass Crew, Classic Techno Bass, Bass Machine

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