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The London, England, collective referred to as Tastexperience provide a tropical and electronic sound that attracts both modern and ambient fans. Vocalist Maria Nayler, who experienced previously caused Robert Miles, made an appearance with Tastexperience on the 2004 debut, Beyond the Horizon, released by Neurodisc.

Quick Facts

Full Name Tastexperience
Music Songs Summersault, Tantrix, Child of Life, Magic Tribe, Alamanana, Herb Boy, Skylines, Aqua Sun, Glissando, Spiritual Waves, Soul Good, Chorale, Espressivo, Bushfire, August Lane, Keep on Moving, Cantata, Celestrial, How do You Sleep?, Torrisdale Sands, Rock Face, Rocket Rabbit, Abucus, Hyde Wood, Soul Seeker, Dasain, Incarnate, Girl in Town, Oceanus, Give Me Your Love, Feel The Rhythm, Pictures
Albums Beyond the Horizon, Celestrial Dreams, The Mixes, Fascination, Visions of Life, Bushfire, Melodic Variations, Airwave Remixes, Rock Face EP, Tibetan Nights (EP), Flower Island, Fantasy World (EP)

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