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The obstreperous, absolutely contemporary sound of Japan’s Space Streakings is made up by Captain Insect (bass, programming), Karne Bazooka (vocals, alto saxophone), Karate Condor (turntables) and Screaming Abdomen (guitar, trumpet). As those pseudonyms may recommend, the group have a cavalier attitude with their craft, creating a group of unclassifiable music which have baffled critics in and beyond Japan’s edges – the music group themselves possess dubbed it ‘Cyber-punk-techno-core’. An average example was their 7-inches single ‘Sexual Cosmetic Salon After College’, packaged with an accompanying comic reserve. 7-Toku premiered by Epidermis Graft Information in 1994 and highlighted Steve Albini as manufacturer. He was sufficiently impressed by the music group’s raucous post-rock sound to go to Japan to be able to be a part of the documenting. Utilising a variety of live equipment and severe, repetitive development, 7-Toku became that uncommon artefact to become exported from Japan – a stunning new listening knowledge rather than formulaic copy of the western style.

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Music Songs Getterrobo G, Special Karaoke King, F.O.J.K., Houkago Seikan Aesthe, Zurineta, Kai Kai Scratch, Noruze Thrillercar, Surf on 7th Beat, Youngman II, Nohten Chiyyoka Hyper Love, Brain Dead, Magic Dragon, Sports Chiyotto Dakeyo, Megaton Baby Bomb, Kaiki Suspense Kumo Otoko, Ai To Nikushimi No Kisetsu, Yume No Shima, Sanzu No Kawa, Hiropon Goo!!, Hottkyokuken No Aoisora, Hiropon Goo!! / We Are All Prostitute / Nohten-chiyyoka Hyper Love, Space Mountain, Tora! Tora! Tora! Senzuri, Nande, Oresama "Big J", Jushoku, Yadoroku Diamondo, Kick on Cigarette, Come Up, Swavay, Shacho, Fire
Albums 7-Toku, Hatsukoi

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