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Darci da Mangueira

An awarded author of many sambas-enredo for the Unidos da Tijuca samba college, Darci da Mangueira led the Estação Primeira to numerous successes along with his creations. Like a author of sambas de terreiro and additional genres he has already established his works documented by performers like Beth Carvalho (“Memória de um Compositor”), Clara Nunes (“Cheguei À Conclusão”), Alcione (“Quero Sim”), Martinho da Vila (“Samba perform Trabalhador” and “Em virtude de Você Felicidade”), and Renata Lu (“Quero Sim”). Boy of Benedito Monteiro, among the founders from the Unidos da Tijuca samba college, since extremely early Darci was absorbing the samba tradition. He began to create his first sambas at 15, becoming among the founders from the Carnaval bloco Flor da Mocidade. As he began to create sambas-enredo for the Unidos da Tijuca, he quickly was invited to be always a person in the Ala dos Compositores (Composers’ Section) of this college, which quickly also included Zagaia, Pelado, and Hélio Turco. In 1967, Mangueira earned the annual Carnaval competition along with his samba-enredo “O Mundo Encantado de Monteiro Lobato” (co-written by Luís de Siqueira/Batista da Mangueira). For the reason that same yr, Elza Soares documented the samba with achievement. In 1968 Mangueira earned the contest once again with one of is own sambas-enredo, “Festa de um Povo” (co-written by Hélio Turco/Dico/Batista da Mangueira). Within the next yr, Mangueira presented his samba-enredo “Mercadores e Suas Tradiçõsera” (co-written by Jurandir da Mangueira/Hélio Turco). For the reason that yr, Elza Soares once again documented his samba-enredo “O Mundo Encantado de Monteiro Lobato.” In 1971, once again the Mangueira family members paraded to 1 of his sambas, “Modernos Bandeirantes” (co-written by HélioTurco/Jurandir da Mangueira). Within the next yr Darci performed using the Trio Pelé and Trio Pandeiro de Ouro in France, Spain, and Italy, keeping for four a few months in European countries. In 1973 Renata Lu gained the Second Country wide Get together of Samba Composers with “Quero Sim” (co-written by Leci Brandão). Also for the reason that calendar year Elza Soares re-recorded “O Mundo Encantado de Monteiro Lobato,” and Beth Carvalho interpreted his “Memória de um Compositor” (with Betinho) on her behalf Canto Por Um Novo Dia. Within the next calendar year he documented his “Samba perform Trabalhador” over the record Roda de Samba. In 1979 Alcione documented “Quero sim” on her behalf record Gostoso Veneno. In 1984, Darci da Mangueira’s samba-enredo “Yes, Nós Temos Braguinha” (co-written by Hélio Turco/Arroz/Jajá/Comprido) was provided on the Carnival, earning the competition and receiving exceptional well-known response. In 1995, one of is own sambas was once again voted for the Carnaval, “Abram Alas, Que European union Quero Passar” (co-written by Hélio Turco/Jurandir). The record Velha Guarda da Mangueira e Convidados (1999) included Darci da Mangueira’s “Se Foi Bom Pra Você” (co-written by Darcy Maravilha).

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