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Sixtus Dietrich

Becoming a member of the Reformation movements Dietrich ascribed more closely to Luther than Zwingli but discovered himself in Konstanz, the populace which preferred the latter. Through his positions, capabilities in structure, musical understanding and own curiosity, Dietrich journeyed to Basle, Strasbourg, Cologne and Wittenburg where he discovered possibilities to lecture. His compositions could be categorized into three certain periods: first of all, as students he composed secular songs; second, in Konstanz he constructed music for the cathedral choir; and finally, Dietrich constructed music designed for the Protestant providers, and imperial Catholic choirs. Up coming to Walter Dietrich may be the most importan early Protestant composer. Features of his music consist of polyphonies, antiphons, experimentation with different remedies from the tenor, disquieting rhythms, imitation plus some usage of chordal techniques.

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