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Giacomo Fogliano

Fogliano had an outstanding status for his body organ performing and harpsichord technique. Offering the Cathedral of Modena for some of his years (11479-1497, 1504-1548) he journeyed little. It really is believed that he is at Venice through the seven yr distance but his whereabouts aren’t indicated aside from the …

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Francesco Soriano

This Italian composer was students of Zoilo, Roy, Montanari and incredibly possibly Palestrina who claimed Soriano as you of his students in written correspondence. He was operating towards the Mantuan courtroom and became the get good at from the chapel choir for S Maria Maggiore, St. John Lateran and St. …

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Georg Rhau

As a dynamic publisher in Wittenberg through the many years of the Reformation, Rhau had not been only from the young theologians but he was also acquainted with the brand new music that had been written for the providers of the church including Ordinaries, Propers and music for particular festivals …

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Carpentras (Elzear Genet)

A French composer who was simply actively involved with service towards the popes, particularly Leo X and Clement VII. The printings of his functions include people, magnificats, lamentations, psalms, hymns, motets, plus some secular items. Carpentras’ Lamentations had been performed each year in the Sistine Chapel before period of Pope …

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Bernardo Pisano

While students at Ss Annunziata in Florence Pisano became connected with Cardinal Giovanni who later on became Pope Leo X. In 1511 Pisano was the grasp from the choristers at the institution and by 1512 was the grasp from the cathedral chapel. That’s where he became familiar to Giovanni. By …

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Sixtus Dietrich

Becoming a member of the Reformation movements Dietrich ascribed more closely to Luther than Zwingli but discovered himself in Konstanz, the populace which preferred the latter. Through his positions, capabilities in structure, musical understanding and own curiosity, Dietrich journeyed to Basle, Strasbourg, Cologne and Wittenburg where he discovered possibilities to …

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