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Severe Torture


Showing up in 2001 using the brutally large Feasting on Bloodstream, Severe Torture took the metallic world by surprise using its thunderous approach and razor-sharp riffs. Although fairly new at that time, the music group adopted it up with another amazing split disk with founded headbangers Blood Crimson Throne that place their name for the extreme metallic map.

Quick Facts

Music Songs Feces for Jesus, Mutilation of the Flesh, Baptized in Virginal Liquid, Butchery of the Soul, Endless Strain of Cadavers, End of Christ, Impelled to Kill, Buried Hatchet, Dismal Perception, Feeding on Cadavers, Your Blood Is Mine, Grave Condition, Meant to Suffer, Rest in Flames, Decomposing Bitch, Serenity Torn Asunder, Perverse Suffering, Carnivorous Force, Unconditional Annihilation, Misanthropic Carnage, Pray for Nothing, Consuming the Dying, Dogmasomatic Nausea, Vomiting Christ, Blinded I Slaughter, Sawn off, Forever to Burn, Unholy Misconception, Countless Villains, Twist the Cross, Decree of Darkness, Castrated
Albums Feasting on Blood, Misanthropic Carnage, Fall of the Despised, Sworn Vengeance, A Taste for Butchery, Blood Letting, Slaughtered, Bloodletting, Baptized…, Butchery of the Soul

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