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Random Sectors is among the many monikers utilized by German electronic music manufacturer Sebastian Meissner, who used this specific alias release a his single debut record in 2000 before turning towards the similarly named Random_Inc alias. Created on Sept 27, 1969, in Czenstochowa, Poland, Meissner became associated with digital music while surviving in Frankfurt, Germany, where he fulfilled Achim Szepanski, the creator from the seminal German techno label Push Inc. and its own many offshoots. In 1999 Meissner produced his documenting debut together with Ekkehard Ehlers as Autopoieses, La Vie ? Noir, that was released on Szepanski’s Mille Plateaux label. Within the years that adopted, he released some single albums under several monikers: Random Sectors (Selected Random Functions, 2000), Random_Inc (Jerusalem: Stories Outside the Platform of Orthodoxy, 2001; Strolling in Jerusalem, 2002), Bizz Circuits (THE MOST EFFECTIVE of Bizz Circuits, 2002), and Klimek (Dairy & Honey, 2004; Music to DRIFT OFF, 2006; Dedications, 2007).

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