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Travellers was a one-album part task for U2, comprising that band’s users and Brian Eno. The group arrived collectively in 1995, documenting Passengers: Initial Soundtracks like a tribute with their preferred film soundtracks. The recording was quite experimental for the group, actually featuring a cooperation between your five males and Luciano Pavarotti using one monitor. The liner records from the recording are filled up with in-jokes, as well as the music was nothing beats U2’s previous result, so many followers felt alienated from the task as well as the recording flopped. All of the included parties proceeded to go their separate methods following a few live shows, as well as the task was retired once and for all.

Quick Facts

Awards ADG Excellence in Production Design Awards - Fantasy Film
Music Groups Passenger
Music Songs The Starship Avalon (Main Title), Hibernation Pod 1625, Command Ring, Rate 2 Mechanic, Awake for 7 Days, Crystalline, Precious Metals, Aurora, Robot Questions, The Sleeping Girl, Build a House and Live In It, I Tried Not To..., Spacewalk, Passengers, 50% of Light Speed, Cascade Failure, Zero-Gravity, Never Happy Here, Red Giant, Looking for Wrong, Chrysler Bldg., Untethered, You Brought Me Back, Starlit, Accidental Happiness, Sugarcoat the Galaxy (End Title)
Albums Young as the Morning, Old as the Sea, Whispers II, Whispers, All the Little Lights, Divers & Submarines, Wide Eyes Blind Love, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Let Her Go, Flight of the Crow
Nominations Academy Award for Best Original Music Score, Academy Award for Best Production Design, Bandung Film Festival for Imported Film

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