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Meyer Duque Estrada

Keeper from the custom begun with flutists Joaquim Antônio da Silva Callado and Mathieu-André Reichert, who have gave birth towards the Brazilian flute lineage, Meyer Duque Estrada took charge of growing their accomplishments. Disciple of both Reichert and Callado, his very own pupils also attained noted appearance. Amongst them Patápio Silva, Parga Rodrigues, Henrique Itiberê da Cunha, Maria José de Brito, Vincenzo Demarco, Maria Rocha, Gregório de Couto, Porto Júnior, Pedro de Assis (who substituted the get good at in the cathedra after his demise), and Antônio dos Santos Vieira. Forerunner of Leopoldo Miguez in direction of the Instituto Nacional de Música, stuffed set for him after his loss of life. He was also movie director from the Filarmônica perform Rio de Janeiro founded by Francisco Manuel da Silva. Since 1883, he continues to be teacher of flute on the Music Conservatory and in 1888 received through the hands from the emperor the decor of Cavaleiro da Ordem da Rosa, the best imperial differentiation. In 1890, Estrada became the inspector for teaching and concert movie director from the Music Conservatory. A virtuosic flutist renowned in every Rio, he was among the recognized performers from the Clube Beethoven. Joaquim Callado devoted the quadrilha “Família Meyer” to him.

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