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Buddy Bolden, Jr.

b. Charles Joseph Bolden, 6 Sept 1877, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, d. 4 November 1931, Jackson, Louisiana, USA. The very first great jazz story, Bolden’s reputation is dependent mainly upon the reminiscences of another era of cornet and trumpet players of early jazz. They recalled him to be an motivation, …

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Henry Burr

Within the ’20s, Henry Burr was what would ultimately become referred to as a pop sensation, although back his era people may have thought that was some type of new soda. Henry Burr was a stage name, rather than the only person utilized by Harry McClaskey. He was also called: …

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Meyer Duque Estrada

Keeper from the custom begun with flutists Joaquim Antônio da Silva Callado and Mathieu-André Reichert, who have gave birth towards the Brazilian flute lineage, Meyer Duque Estrada took charge of growing their accomplishments. Disciple of both Reichert and Callado, his very own pupils also attained noted appearance. Amongst them Patápio …

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Viriato Figueira Da Silva

Viriato Figueira da Silva is among the fathers of choro, a means of using, or style, that was already defined around 1875, evolving until it constituted a genre, after 1900. da Silva also was the author of the polkas “Só Pra Moer” (documented in 1901 with the well-known flutist Patápio …

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Ahmed Shawki

Affectionately referred to as “the poet of Arabism and Islam,” Ahmed Shawki wrote the lyrics of several songs performed simply by Mohammed Abdel Wahhoub, Abdo El Hamouli, Youssef El Manilawi, Malak, and Umm Kalthoum. His assortment of poetry, Al Shawkiyat, released in the beginning in 1890, continues to be a …

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Cuarteto Coculense

The first mariachi band to record, Cuarteto Coculense hailed from Cocula, Jalisco, and recorded about 60 sides for Columbia, Edison, and Victor in Mexico City in 1908 and 1909. Led by Justo Villa, their repertoire contains sones abajenos, or rural tunes from your Bajio area of Jalisco, shipped on fiddles …

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