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Machinae Supremacy

Since their inauspicious beginnings around the entire year 2000, Sweden’s Machinae Supremacy have tried to accomplish things differently; starting with a comparatively “regular” power steel base before infusing it with technical gadgetry, previous and new, within a bet to tremble up the rock landscape. The bottom line is, the group often infuses their usually analog-based music with 8-little bit sounds produced from an SiD chip, of the type commonly within personal computers in the 1980s, like the Commodore 64. Because of this, the group’s design has been easily labeled “SiD steel,” despite the fact that their usage of consumer electronics isn’t almost as overt as, state, California’s Equine the Music group, whose “Nintendo-core” is normally favorably strewn with noises similar to the golden age group of video gaming. With that said, the people of Machinae Supremacy — vocalist Robert Stjärnströ, guitarists Jonas Rörling and Kahl Hellmer, bassist Andreas Gerden, and drummer Tomas Nilsén — will also be gamers, and with their appropriate debut recording of 2004, Deus Former mate Machinae, the group documented a full-length soundtrack to get a video game known as Jets’n’Guns, later exactly the same yr. The music group was subsequently authorized by Spinefarm Information, but made a decision to cut back the consumer electronics somewhat for his or her next launch, Redeemer; demoting the SiD noises to even more of a assisting role, while carrying on to take risks by embracing remarkably industrial and infectious pop nuances. This daring innovative path was explored even more on their following recording, Overworld, which also broke in fresh bassist Andreas Gerden, and premiered through Spinefarm in Feb 2008.

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