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Kyat-Hend Dittman

b. Zaire. An authentic personality in African music, Dittman produced his name as drummer to best stars such as for example Sam Mangwana, Kanda Bongo Guy and Aurlus Mabele. His debut single album was documented in Berlin, Germany, inside a fervent, brilliant soukous design (regardless of the complete lack of guitars). An flight pilot by career, Dittman centered the recording on research carried out into soukous throughout Africa. The type of that study soon became apparent. The sleeve boasted the next effusive, autobiographical estimate: ‘Dittman matters 67 kids of his personal, and of most colours, and he’s in control of 42 ladies in love; I’ve all sorts of female except a German law enforcement woman, that i am currently searching for to fill up my pockets for future years, nowadays of modern like.’

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