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Kenneth Hollon

Lovers from the enchanting jazz songstress Billie Vacation owe a debts of gratitude to the NY saxophonist who all provided a few of her initial on-stage encounters in the first ’30s, when Female Time was just barely that, aged a scant 21 years of age at that time. Kenneth Hollon often asked her to arrive to his cabaret gigs where she became well-known singing numbers such as for example Fatty acids Waller’s “My Destiny Is within THE HANDS” and “Honeysuckle Rose.” Even though some from the saxophonists who caused Vacation, such as for example Lester Young, had been from the exploratory, mind-blowing selection of instrumentalists who established the pace for everybody else, this is not really what Hollon was about. He was a goodtime saxophonist, with an excellent sound and a energetic tone. Together with his work with Vacation he is primarily known as an associate of two from the jazz and R&B styles’ most amusing musical experiences, specifically the almost crazy scat-singing Slim & Slam as well as the rocking music group of Louis Jordan. He performed in the second option music group until sometime in the first ’40s and began dealing with Friend Johnson & His Orchestra. Currently established is exactly what facet of Hollon’s profession permanently endears itself to Billie Vacation fans, nonetheless it is definitely this later on stage of his music-making that he consolidates the allegiance of boogie fans. The instrumental quantity “Boogie Woogie’s Mother-In-Law was documented in 1941. Evidently this track may be the way to obtain the slide acoustic guitar riff applied to the Elmore Wayne music “Hawaiian Boogie” which original version is definitely played on metal acoustic guitar along with guess-who on tenor sax.

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