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Jonas Reinhardt

Jonas Reinhardt may be the nom de musique of San Francisco-based electronic musician Jesse Reiner, who looks to the analog noises, organic atmospheres, and hypnotic rhythms of ’70s pioneers such as for example Jean Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze, and Tangerine Wish for motivation. Though he performed other types of music before executing and documenting as Jonas Reinhardt, Reiner generally listened to digital music in the past due ’60s and ’70s, and got a Moog Reasonable Concertmate MG-1 in the middle-’90s. A couple of years afterwards, he examined music synthesis on the Harvard Electronic Music Middle and maintained a pastime in this process to music-making while he used other rings. Reiner started using the Reinhardt moniker for his self-titled 2008 Kranky debut; Contemporary by Nature’s Praise implemented. Jonas Reinhardt ultimately expanded right into a full-fledged music group, with Trans Am’s Phil Manley on guitars, Mi Ami’s Damon Palermo on drums, and Citay’s Diego Gonzalez on bass. This lineup documented Power of Audition, which made an appearance this year 2010 and wedded the meticulous audio of Reiner’s previously use live instrumentation. Reiner brought his cosmic, spacy noises to Los Angeles’ celebrated Not really Not really Fun label, who released his third full-length LP, Music for the Tactile Dome, in 2011. A 12″ EP (The Perfect Revealer) also made an appearance that yr on the fantastic Pop Product. In 2012, Reiner collaborated with Abyss of Fathomless Light on the noisy, industrial launch entitled Rusting Ciphers of the Overlooked Sky, released as a restricted cassette with sewn-shut product packaging by VCO Information. Through the same yr, Reiner explored his disco-leaning part with the Foam Fangs 12″ EP, released by Not really Not really Fun’s dance sub-label 100% Silk. This EP ended up being a warm-up for Face mask of the Manufacturer, a full-on immersion into cosmic disco offering an extended lineup including Zombi’s Steve Moore. The recording premiered by Not Not really Fun in 2013. Reiner came back towards the pulsating ambient drone of his previously use the 2014 recording Ganymede, the soundtrack to a technology fiction film from the same name. Constellation Tatsu released Ganymede as a restricted LP/Dvd and blu-ray in 2014. Jonas Reinhardt’s 6th proper recording, Palace Savant, made an appearance on Further Information in 2015.

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