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Joe Reichman

b. 1898, USA, d. Apr 1970, Dallas, Tx, USA. Reichman was an achieved piano participant, billing himself ‘The Pagliacci from the Piano’, before he embarked on his profession as a music group head. His dance music group, produced in St. Louis in the past due 20s, included sidemen Artwork Lewis, Burt LeMarr, Charles Grifford, Joseph Sudy, Joe Martin, Clem Auzensk, Adam Williamson, Fred Fellensby, Eddie Mihas, Jim Bishop, Leon Schwartz, David Kellner, Ernie Mathias, Ed Turley, Larry Neill, George Werth, Bernie Silver, Joe Perrin, Chester Le Roy, Milt Bernhart, Les Penner, Mort Corb, Irving Edelman, Cecil Horowitz, Ben Ribble and Frankie Ortega. They contains four saxophones, three brass, drums, bass and two pianos. The highlighted vocalists had been Marion Shaw, Margie Stuart, Jane Fulton or Margie Lee. Jointly they played nearly every main resort and ballroom area in America throughout their comprehensive pre-war profession. Primarily a culture music group, schooled in elegant routines for supper and supper dancers, Reichmann also added a big cut of showmanship. His skill for mimicry was often shown on radio programs, as was his music group’s music. Agreements with Ideal, ARC and Victor Information produced recordings such as for example ‘Variant In G’ and ‘Pagliacci’. Soon after shifting to Dallas in 1948 Reichman quit the music group to focus on a career like a disk jockey. Nevertheless, the orchestra was sometimes re-formed thereafter, playing times at Kansas Town’s Muehlbach Resort as well as the Peabody in Memphis.

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