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Lisbon, Portugal’s Ironsword had been founded in 1995 by erstwhile Moonspell member J.A., who renamed himself Tann for the event, and proceeded to execute all devices and vocals on early demos, just before seeking outdoors help from bassist Axemaster and drummer Ricardo Hammer when he made a decision to perform live and record an eponymous debut recording in 2002. This impartial release exposed that Ironsword’s music experienced nothing in keeping with his previous band’s goth-infused design, but instead an epic make of traditional fight metal inspired mainly by American cult symbols Manilla Road as well as the writings of pulp writer Robert E. Howard (maybe most widely known as the inventor of Conan the Barbarian, which clarifies a whole lot). The same was accurate of following albums Return from the Warrior (2004), which launched a new tempo section driven by bassist Rick Thor and drummer Beto, and Overlords of Chaos (2008), released by Darkness Kingdom Information and featuring another new drummer called Maalm.

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