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Jimmy Harris

The songwriting team of Jimmy Harris and Paul Crosby creates, together and individually, the initial songs recorded with the Memphis group Solace for the present time on albums such as for example Areas Inside from 2005. Harris sings aswell as provides accompaniment on piano and electric guitar for ditties with game titles that recommend gospel thoughts — “Shed in the Tide,” “Sinner,” and “Revelation” — aswell as “Haunted” poltergeists. The real sound of the tracks is normally grunge or, better still, post-grunge, plodding as though a collection of amps was pinning down an elephant with the tail. Hard rocking supporters, a few of them a trifle peeved, compare Harris’ performing design to Eddie Vedder and Layne Staley of Pearl Jam and Alice in Stores, respectively. The associates of Solace for the present time met up as what’s known in the music business being a “aspect project.” Leading task of Crosby, a guitarist, is normally a probably dangerously contaminated combo known as Saliva.

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