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Henry King

b. 1906, USA, d. August 1974. Ruler initially chose traditional music as his job, being the kid of the renowned concert pianist. Nevertheless, early in the 30s he discovered the allure of well-known big music group dance music amazing, and shaped his personal group in NEW YORK, NY, USA. His music artists included Jack Gemstone, George Tudor, Joseph Sudy, Leo Arends, John Porpora, Neil De Luca, Jules Losch, Sidney Sudy, William Weems, Al Wallack, Phil Hart, Tubby Mertz, Vince Raff, Tom Enos, Eddie Bergman, Bobby Yacoubian, Johnny Paliso, Russ Michaels, Henry Jaworski, Charlie Enright, Harold Dohrman and Expenses Jabionski. At different instances the group presented vocalists such as for example Dick Robertson, Ray Hunkel, Don Reid, Sidney Research, Sonny Schuyler, Carmina Calhoun, Don Raymond, Bob Carroll, Phil Hanna and Eugenie Marvin. The strong orientation because of this group was night culture dances and ballroom features, with soft tempos comes from Henry’s piano, and an accent on violins instead of brass. They travelled to locations including the Tag Hopkins Resort (SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA), the Cosmopolitan (Denver), the Claridge and Peabody (Memphis), the Roosevelt (New Orleans) as well as the Shamrock (Houston). Their longest engagement arrived in the Biltmore in LA, but the majority of their recognition could possibly be ascribed to radio. Ruler claimed to possess documented over 5, 000 remote control broadcasts for several networks through the group’s profession, lending enormous recognition with their theme, ‘A Blues Serenade’. From the past due 50s Ruler got retired to Houston, though he do make occasional looks on demand.

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