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Kid Pepe

Child Pepe was a author of some classics from the Golden Age group of Brazilian tune. After several little careers, he became a boxer, getting the nickname Child Pepe. He opened up in radio in 1931 hosting his very own show had been he sang his and various other composers’ music. Patrício Teixeira documented one of is own compositions for the very first time, “Eu Period Feliz” (with Germano Augusto). With Noel Rosa, Child Pepe composed his masterpiece, “O Orvalho Vem Caindo,” documented by Almirante for the Carnival if 1934, however the authorship is certainly contested by some research workers. With Zé Pretinho and Noel Rosa, Child Pepe composed “Tenho Raiva de Quem Sabe,” documented by Mário Reis. In 1935, Moreira da Silva effectively documented the samba “Implorar,” created with Germano Augusto and J. S. Gaspar, for the carnival; Jaime Vogeler also documented “As Lágrimas Rolavam,” created with Germano Augusto and R. Guará, with achievement; and Francisco Alves documented “Amor, Muito Amor” (with Valfrido Silva) and “O Sereno É Meu Castigo.” In 1937, Joel e Gaúcho documented “Mangueira” (with Bide), Victor Bacelar documented “Formosa Mulher” (with Jorge Faraj), J. B. de Carvalho documented “Alô, Youngster” (with J. Piedade and José Ferreira), and Luís Barbosa documented “Um Sorriso Igual Ao Teu” (with Germano Augusto). Within the next season, Sílvio Caldas documented the samba “Choro Por Teu Amor” (with Castro Barbosa), and Francisco Alves documented “Carnaval da Minha Terra” (with Adolfo Cabral). In 1939, Carmen Miranda documented the samba-choro “Moreno Batuqueiro” (with Germano Augusto).

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