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The Templar-obsessed electro-industrial group Heimataerde (“House Soil”) cleverly combined three separate yet related genres from Germany’s “dark scene” to generate a thing that was both fresh and new, yet rooted within the distant past. Their usage of middle ages instruments (especially bagpipes) and melodies had not been unique alone. The subgenre of Mittelalter-Rock (“middle ages rock”) had recently been well-known in Germany for quite some time, with bands such as for example Subway to Sally, Schandmaul, and Letzte Instanz frequently topping the indie graphs, but no-one had considered to integrate middle ages music with electro-industrial before. Begun in 2004 because the single project of 1 DJ Ash, Heimataerde released its debut EP Ich Hab perish Nacht Getraeumet (“I Dreamed the night time”), that was an immediate achievement. He signed using the important brands Infacted in Germany and Metropolis in america. Beneath the Heimataerde moniker, he released an record annually between 2005 and 2007 — Gotteskrieger (“Warrior of God”), Kadavergehorsam (“Blind Behavior”), and Leben Geben, Leben Nehmen (“TO PROVIDE Life, TO CONSIDER Existence”) — this last offering their unsurpassable golf club strike “Vater” (“Dad”), arguably one of the better electro-industrial tunes ever documented. Each recording showcased an extremely advanced songwriting technique and creation requirements, while furthering the ongoing conceptual story of a dropped and cursed Templar knight, Ashlar von Megalon, who wanders the darkness within an eternal search for indicating and redemption. After in the beginning refusing to try out live, DJ Ash finally consented to seem at 2007’s Wave-Gotik-Treffen, the globe’s leading “dark picture” celebration, and recruited a complete band filled with guitarist, keyboardist, and piper. Their unswerving, total commitment to all or any facets of the concept is actually commendable. Each one of the albums furthers the storyplot; all feature exquisite artwork; the very first three consist of chapters from the tale, in web pages of dense text message which use up a lot of the booklet; as the following two can be found as particular editions, each which features yet another CD filled up with a completely dramatized audio reserve filled with music and sound files. The band also followed the personae from the Templar knights within the tale, complete with middle ages brands (“Ansgar von Hucretha”), and made an appearance on-stage garbed completely Templar costume, string email, and brandishing swords and shields, all with out a hint of irony. This year 2010, following a break of 3 years, the full music group appeared for the very first time on an record, Unwesen (“Mischief”). The disk included some Middle Eastern instrumentation and, by adding the large guitars, their sound got on a number of the features of another well-known German subgenre, NDH (Neue Deutsche Härte, “New German Hardness”, which includes acts such as for example Rammstein and Oomph!), enabling Heimataerde to cross to that design’s huge viewers. In 2012, buoyed by their ever-increasing achievement, they shifted to German steel label Golden Primary — area of the large ZYX entertainment company — which released their 5th record, Gottgleich (“Godlike”).

Quick Facts

Full Name Heimataerde
Music Songs Dark Dance, Hick Hack Hackebeil, Gottgleich, Sie zerrt an mir, Die Offenbarung, Gotteskrieger, Musikerhænde, Malitia Angelica, Templerblut, Bruderschaft, Pilgerlied, Tief in Dir, Lebloser Koerper, Des Spielmanns Lied, Ich hab die Nacht getræumet, Morituri Salutant, Gibt es wirklich einen Gott, Aerdenbrand, Koenig von Thule, Verflucht, Die Schlacht, Im Sande des Wahns, Endlos, In Alle Ewigkeit, Gloria et morte, Unter der Linden, Herr Mannelig, Al Naharot Bavel, Niemals mehr, Misere Re Mei, Das Tal der Kirchen, Gib mir
Albums Leben geben Leben nehmen, Kaltwærts, Unwesen, Aerdenbrand, Gottgleich, Gotteskrieger, Hick Hack Hackebeil, Kadavergehorsam, Kaltwaerts (Deluxe Edition), Unter Den Linden / Vater, Ich hab die Nacht getræumet, Vater, Templerblut, Unter der Linden, Dark Dance

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