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Heather Heywood

b. Heather Williamson, 26 Dec 1950, Crosshouse, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland. A Scottish ballad vocalist with an excellent, clear tone of voice and an evergrowing reputation. Williamson got always experienced performing around her house, but it had not been until hearing an record by Martin Carthy that she began to broaden her musical horizons. She initial visited a folk membership around 1968, in Irvine, and immediately after performed her 1st floor spot. Right now she experienced also touch the performing of Lizzie Higgins and additional Scottish singers. It had been to be quite some years, nevertheless, before she began performing bookings in her personal right. Initially this is mainly the neighborhood night clubs of Scotland while in 1970 she wedded Pete Heywood, editor from the Living Tradition publication. As a vocalist, and interpreter of track, her main motivation is usually Dick Gaughan. With her 1st release, Heywood could increase her growing status, nonetheless it was the follow-up, By Yon Castle Wa’, that began to awaken curiosity further afield with this extremely talented vocalist. Equally aware of traditional or modern material, the recording included efforts from, amongst others, Brian McNeill (fiddle, acoustic guitar, concertina, bouzouki), Dougie Pincock from your Battlefield Music group (highland pipes, whistle, flute, low whistle, soprano saxophone) and Colin Matheson from Ceolbeg (piano). Heywood also sings using the group Quadrille, and in 1993 was voted Designer Of THE ENTIRE YEAR by Glasgow’s Celebrity Club.

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