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Gypsy Mamba

Darius Giurar, a maker inspired from the Los Angeles defeat picture, crafts a heady cross of IDM and left-field hip-hop credited towards the alias Gypsy Mamba. The Southern California resident’s songs are alternately cluttered and skeletal, laced with alternately flourishing and fidgety beats, melodic bleeps, and lancing digital FX. When he was a young child, Giurar played several instruments in chapel, but his destiny was sealed down the road, whenever a cousin offered him a laptop computer. He eventually created a person sound, one with perceptible commonalities using the functions of Soaring Lotus and Hudson Mohawke, amongst others. Giurar’s developing reputation allowed him to try out a number of the golf club nights — like the long-running L.A. every week Low End Theory — that experienced fueled his creativeness. Concise small-label produces such as Come back from the Gypsy (TwerkOut, 2013) and Cigs ‘n’ Soda pop (Smog, 2014) led up to cope with Alpha Puppy, where he released the albums Da Feenux (2015) and Magnetic Syndromes (2017).

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