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Grupo Campesino de Aguilar

Fans of Cuban music are permitted to daydream about the Grupo Campesino de Aguilar, an outfit which, unfortunately, ceased executing in 1970 following years of apparent championships in the world of the original style referred to as punto guajiro, or alternately punto Cubano. This genre of music regarding both performing and accompaniment on a number of choosing axes — which slang isn’t meant to recommend a road staff working its method over the Cuban isle — goes back to at least the 17th hundred years and an influx of immigrants in the Canary Islands whose ethnic history included Andalusian music. A punto guajiro group consists of the lovable teaming up of complementary stringed equipment that are found in Cuban music. Included in these are the lute, referred to as a “laud” in Cuba, the tiple, and undoubtedly the Spanish electric guitar. The founder of Grupo Campesino de Aguilar was Alejandro Aguilar, whose instrumental area of expertise was the laud. This performer’s true name was Pedro Betancourt, an identification he was offered in the springtime of 1906 but evidently wasn’t pleased with, usually this ensemble may have been known as “Grupo Campesino de Betancourt.” The earlier mentioned action of street building emerged in helpful for the ensemble, which sounded sugary under any name and strike almost every feasible place in Cuba during its life. The laud maestro and group head isn’t the same Alejandro Aguilar whose picture taking has been highlighted on albums of Latin music.

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