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Gottfried Reiche

Though Reiche isn’t known for his compositional productions he wrote several trumpet sonatas in five parts. “Vier und zwantig neue Quatricinia” was compiled by Reiche in 1696 furthermore to his have scored works. He kept the post of Kunstgeiger in 1700, town piper in 1706 and mature town piper in 1719 in the town of Leipzig. After J.S. Bach’s entrance in Leipzig, Reiche performed every one of the initial trumpet parts for Bach’s music on his coiled trumpet. He was regarded a significant instrumentalist to the town, so much in order that he was provided additional money never to look for employment somewhere else. Reiche was a fantastic trumpeter however the higher registrations demanded by Fux, Caldara and Michael Haydn, had been notably performed better by lengthy type trumpeters like Heinisch.

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