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According for some gospels, when Jesus Christ described Hell, he often utilized the term Gehenna, that was actually the name of Jerusalem’s garbage dump — where fires had been constantly kept burning up to handle the city’s refuse. Fast ahead approximately 2,000 years as well as the name was used by among Norway’s most important dark metallic bands, which created in the city of Stavanger, in January 1993, within the wake of regional forefathers Mayhem’s ascendance, and integrated a right now heralded era also including such contemporaries as Emperor, Enslaved, Darkthrone, and Ulver. In the beginning composed of vocalist/guitarist Sanrabb, guitarist/bassist Dolgar (actual name Steffen Simenstad), and drummer Sir Vereda, the in the beginning nameless project that could become Gehenna documented a set of demos, Dark Seared Center and Ancestors from the Darkly Sky, within their 1st year, before making their Scandinavian dark metallic stripes in dubious style once the drummer became a member of several other even more prominent scene associates behind bars. However, by the next calendar year, Sanrabb and Dolgar acquired drafted bassist Svartalv, keyboardist Sarcana, and drummer Dirge Rep (aka Per Husebø), performed their initial regional shows, and documented a debut mini-album entitled First Spell for Mind Not Found Information. Still widely viewed to become their definitive function, Initial Spell showcased a distinctive style of dark steel, both somber and melodic in character, and gained the group a fresh recording agreement with Cacophonous Information, which also released following efforts Seen With the Veils of Darkness (1995) and Malice (1996) to critical acclaim within the underground steel globe. But Gehenna nearly found a milling halt in 1997, when inner tensions resulted in Svartalv’s departure to discovered thrash music group Nocturnal Breed of dog, Dirge Rep’s defection to Enslaved, and Sarcana’s pension from the picture. Sanrabb and Dolgar would re-emerge the next year with a fresh record entitled Adimiron Dark for Moonfog Productions, and brand-new associates E.N. Loss of life (bass), Blod (drums), and Damien (keyboards), however the last mentioned would shortly be dismissed because of Gehenna’s distinctly even more aggressive sound. Actually, by the discharge of 2000’s Murder, Gehenna acquired reinvented themselves being a loss of life steel band, departing many observers puzzled. Arrive 2005’s WW, they’d once more returned with their haunting dark steel roots, but period has yet to inform whether their supporters came back to it together.

Quick Facts

Full Name Gehenna
Music Songs The Shivering Voice of the Ghost, A Witch Is Born, Angel Wings & Raven Claws, Death to Them All, Vinterriket, Unearthly Loose Palace, Master Satan, The Conquering of Hirsir, She Who Loves the Flames, Lord of Flies, Dark Poems Author, Through the Veils of Darkness, Nothing Deserves Worship, Flames of the Pit, Silence the Earth, Eater of the Dead, Ad Arma Ad Arma, The Eyes of the Sun, Nine Circles of Torture, Midwinter Forest, Night of the Serpent's Judgement, Two Demons Eight Spirits, Grenade Prayer, Adimiron Black, The Chariots That Carried Her to the Grave, Black Seared Heart, Slowly Being Poisoned, The Crucified One, Made to Suffer, End Ritual, A Grave of Thoughts, New Blood
Albums Seen Through the Veils of Darkness, Adimiron Black, Malice, WW, Murder, Black Seared Heart, Unravel, First Spell, Deadlights, Ancestor of the Darkly Sky

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