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Gabrielle Roth has spent more than three decades like a musician, dancer, religious teacher and writer. Her books, video clips and recordings possess all centered on raising spirituality and concentrate through motion. Her music group, the Mirrors, features music artists who have documented with several famous performers, including Sting, The Speaking Mind, Marianne Faithful, Patti Smith, and Kilometers Davis. Together they will have made a lot more than 10 recordings, like the critically acclaimed soundtrack to her video, The Influx, entitled The Limitless Influx: Quantity 1 and Sundari, which really is a recording designed to go with a Jivamukti yoga exercise class. Whilst every from the albums varies in its firmness and purpose, most of them feature globe music affects and hypnotic rhythms designed to cause a modification of consciousness.

Quick Facts

Full Name Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors
Music Songs Still Chillin', Persephone's Song, Chen Rezi, Eternal Dance, Vajra Guru, Medicine Dream, On the Other Side of Here, Stone Circle, Prairie Ruins, Cloud Mountain, Body Jazz, Elusinian Blue, Seducing Hades, Tsunami -- Chaos, Black Mesa, Dancing Path: Lyrical, Tsunami -- Lyrical, The Lonesome Song, Dancing Path: Flowing, Dancing Path: Staccato, Dancing Path: Stillness, Dancing Path: Chaos, Tsunami -- Flowing, Crystal Cavern, Tsunami -- Stillness, Mother Night, Tara Mantra, Stefania's Song, Red Wind, Funkeridu, Final Dedication, Tsunami -- Staccato
Albums Zone Unknown, Refuge, Music For Slow Flow Yoga vol.2, Trance, Ritual of Remembrance for a Forgotten Earth, Tongues, Waves, Endless Wave, Volume 2, Bones, Sundari, Totem, Stillpoint, Luna, Tribe, Bardo, Initiation, Pray Body, Music For Slow Flow Yoga vol.1, Raven: The Rmx, Still Chillin', Ritual, Jhoom

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