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Frantisek Vaclav Míca

Created in Trebic South Bohemia, Mica was taken seeing that a guy to Jaromeriz in Moravia where his dad had been honored the post of organist towards the powerful Questenburg family members. Like so a lot of his fellow countrymen, Mica visited Vienna to review music (1711) where he was the count number?s web page; by 1722 he rose to end up being the kappelmeister from the count number?s orchestra. His Viennese knowledge place him into connection with a lot of the main repertoire of your day as well as the operas he noticed there appear to possess most captivated him one of the most. After his go back to Moravia he aimed shows of his personal operas aswell as those by Caldara, Conti, Leo and Hasse while others. Mica was also recognized to possess a good tenor tone of voice; and he regularly solid himself in main roles, sometimes actually adding his personal arias towards the functions of others. His vocal and stage functions, aswell as his instrumental items, owe much towards the so-called ?Austro-Italian? college so common in Vienna at that time. Mica?s opera L?origine di Jaromeriz in Moravia (1730) is undoubtedly the 1st in the Czech vocabulary (though it might be that just the intermezzi were originally in Czech with the primary works sung in Italian). In 1734 he made up Der glorreiche Nahmen Adami, a inquisitive name-day ode for his patron Count number Questenburg. The task is split into two areas, both celebrating the count number, in the 1st (sung in German) features the tasks from the planets, each performing a recitative and an aria, with the next half (sung in Czech) where each one of the four components (earth, fire, drinking water and blowing wind) follow match. Mica also made up several other occasional items in both Czech and German. His inquisitive and varied result still awaits extensive study and evaluation.

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