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Known for his zany and erratic drumstep, Amount (true name Josh Gard) is normally a prominent American digital music producer well known over the dubstep and electro-bass picture. Hailing from the town of Evansville, Indiana, Gard started learning how exactly to nothing, combine, and create beats when he was 16. By enough time he was 20, he previously become thinking about heavy bass monitors and traditional drum’n’bass dance mixes in the ’90s and early 2000s. He produced his initial appearance over the picture with several EPs that he started placing out in early 2009; In & Out of Brooklyn initial appeared via Dirty Fabric Digital, with Home over the Hill carrying out a few months afterwards. Figure dropped even more EPs over time, and by 2013’s Horns from the Apocalypse, it acquired become clear which the producer was shifting down a street with a specific sound, design, and overall visual. He quickly became known over the ever-popular dubstep picture for his regular usage of dialogue examples and designs from traditional horror films included into his bass-heavy mixes. This became a favorite choice among dubstep and drumstep supporters, and Gard started a fresh mixtape series entitled Monsters, you start with Monsters of Drumstep, Vol. 1 in 2011. Its stylistic theme was also evident through monitor titles such as for example “Aliens,” “Vampires,” and “Zombies.” Six even more Monsters releases adopted, with several selected remix choices interspersed among, which presented reworkings from famous brands Zardonic, Downlink, and Twofold. Number also started to make waves within the live touring picture aswell. Having accomplished some prominence over time, the youthful DJ graduated from golf club evenings to arenas. Deciding on an equal set up of equipment and digital, his present contains creating beats and drops on-stage using turntables as well as the Serato DJ software program. In 2015, the youthful producer released his first public full-length work, Gravity. The record was a good example of a few of Gard’s various other tips; whereas the Monsters series acquired solidified him as the drumstep musician using a penchant for the horror genre, Gravity was exclusively focused on digital arrangements and creation techniques instead of a solid and evident visual throughout. This didn’t end him carrying on the Monsters of Drumstep series, though. In Oct 2016 he released Monsters 7, which charted on top of the Billboard Electronic Graph.

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