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Drummers of Burundi


Improvised polyrhthms are accustomed to develop the spell-binding sound from the Drummers Of Burundi. A historical group, who originally followed the ruler during his moves, The Drummers of Burundi continue steadily to express feeling and intensity with the pounding of the home-made drums. Costs Bruford, drummer for Ruler Crimson, defined the drummers of Burundi as “It is the audio of a lot opf hands striking drums at approximately once”. Based on “Rhythm Newspaper”, the rhythms from the Drummers of Burundi, :”may actually have got power over both dancers and spectators as well….the improvisation of twenty drummers together can be an achievement that might be problematic for even the cream of western rhythmicists to complement”. The Drummers of Burundi hail from a little nation, located between Zaire and Tanzania, where drums are believed sacred items. The privilege of playing the drums is normally passed down from father to kid. The group’s equipment are constructed of hallowed out trunks from a tree that just grows in the heart of Burundi and dried out pet skins. The Drummers Of Burndi’s 1993 record, “Live At REAL LIFE”, includes a thirty minute lengthy improvisation, “Les Tambourinaires Du Burundi”.

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Music Songs Ngorore Y 'Abahinda, Extract, Live At Real World, Suite De Danses Et D'Appels Rituels, Akazehe, Appel, Suite De Danses Rituelles, Umubu, Bigoro, Imparata, Umve mama urumviriza, Pastorale, Ni Iry' Imbandwa, Arrivée et Salut à l'Assistance, Umwimanyi, Umbumwe, Impinga N'Abagenzi, Yewe Sha, Murabanza Moribaze, Live, Rufuku, Ngwiza, Uri Inyambo Burundi, Interview with Richard Kingsmill, Edited Extract, Offrande, Njandagire
Albums Batimbo, One Hot Interview

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